Writing Samples

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  • Blog post for Austin Writing Shop

    As part of our mission to give back to our community, Austin Writing Shop offers free educational content on our website. This post was developed as part of a series on common writing weaknesses.

  • Dook Dook Ferret Magazine issue

    This is our June 2018 issue. For this issue, I

    • Brainstormed and assigned articles to writers
    • Wrote articles I assigned to myself
    • Worked with vets around the U.S. to complete the Ask a Vet section
    • Edited all pieces
    • Developed the issue's structure
    • Provided guidance for the designer
  • CS DISCO software UI copy

    In this video, you can see some software copy I developed while working closely with the UX Design team.

  • CS DISCO customer knowledge base article

    I developed this documentation for the rollout of the most extensive feature update DISCO had released to date. The organization manager feature entailed a complete retooling of the Review app's structure and UI. This was the first of a number of articles about this feature, designed to introduce customers to the new app organization, vocabulary, and processes.

    Please note that the links will not work in the version above, but if the article is still publicly available, you can see the fully-functional version at DISCO's support site.

  • LegalZoom internal help center article

    This article was part of an employee-facing documentation system for the customer service and QA departments at LegalZoom.

  • LegalZoom customer service email templates

    I developed these templates in response to common customer inquiries at LegalZoom. The company has a standardized closing for emails, so the templates do not include closings or signatures.

  • Style guide for LegalZoom’s customer service email team

    This style guide was used by the customer service email team and QA department at LegalZoom.

  • Analytical essay for Chicks Unravel Time

    Chick Unravel Time, which was published by Mad Norwegian Press in 2012, is a follow-up to the Hugo-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords. I was asked to write an analytical piece about Series 3, which developed into this essay about the Doctor-companion relationship and power dynamics.