LegalZoom internal help center article

This article was part of an employee-facing documentation system for the customer service and QA departments at LegalZoom.

Customer is Claiming Company Error


If a customer claims that their order was filed incorrectly, CC Tier I submits a Reorder Request for CC Tier II to investigate the claim.  The turnaround time is 3 business days.  Follow the phone or email action in the Process/Procedure tab.


Phone Action

  1. Confirm the error.
  2. Confirm that the error was on a state filed document (i.e. Articles of Amendment, Articles of Organization, etc.)
  3. Identity the error by reviewing a copy of the filed document in Filenet.  Agents can retrieve a copy of the filed articles in the following two places in Filenet:
    • Order tab
    • Content tab
  4. Confirm whether the order was placed by the customer online or over the phone by an Agent.
NOTE:  Phone orders will have a phone icon in Order Manager.
  1. Create a Case.
  2. Update Case Subject LineReorder Request – Order # ________ and Processing #________
  3. Enter the following Case Comments:
    • Your name
    • Agent responsible for error, if applicable
    • Date sent to SOS
    • Indicate if the order was placed over the phone or online
    • Specify error(s) that caused Reorder Request.
      • Example: Incorrect ZIP code. Filed as 78786, but should have been 78765.
      • Example: Filed as “Aystin Mechanics” instead of the correct “Austin Mechanics.”
  1. Remove Assigned User.
  2. Leave Case open.
  3. Assign case to CC Reorder Request queue.

Email Action

  1. Respond to the customer using the template bizprob
  2. Follow the Phone Action.


Q: Who determines CM?
A: CC Tier II investigates to determine if error is CM.

Q: What is the expected turnaround time for a Reorder Request?
A: The typical turnaround time is 3 business days. Check with leadership to see if CC Tier II is experiencing any backlog. 

Q: Can Tier I assist with Reorder status requests?
A: Yes. Tier I Agents can inform customers whether an already discussed reorder is in progress.

The following Ledger note indicates that the Reorder Request was approved and sent to Fulfillment for processing.

“…ML added to ML log on -/-/-…”
If Tier II attempted to reach out to the customer and a Reorder Request hasn’t been submitted, Tier I Agents transfer those call to Tier II to complete the submission process.